PRE-Order Adult Christmas Pajamas

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It's time to Pre-Order your Christmas Pajamas!  Choose from plaid, stripes, nativity, nutcracker, nutcracker ballet, trucks or lights!  

Pre order ends on June 30th and ships in October.  Applique choices will be made at a later date.  We will contact you once we post the Christmas appliques. 


100% organic cotton

1..STRIPE-the Top is a Solid Red button up top, bottoms have the red and green traditional holiday season stripe

2.  Nativity-Top and bottom are the Nativity Stripe

3.  Nutcracker Ballet-Top and bottom are the nutcracker ballet print

4.  Nutcracker-Top and bottom are the nutcracker print

5.  Plaid-Top and bottom are the plaid print

6.  Watercolor vintage truck with tree

7.  Watercolor lights multicolored